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    Difference between Macbooks?
    Are there any major differences between the white 2.2ghz Macbook and the Black one besides the color and the slight hard drive capacity bump? Doesn't seem worth the price if difference if that are the only two upgrades (if you call the black color an upgrade).

    Also, how is the new glossy screen on the new Macbooks? Is it a significant improvement?

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    no diff, bigger hard drive and colour that's all

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    The bas level black macbook is a higher spec than the base level white macbook, but it is possible to have exactly the same specification with a white macbook if you want.

    Apart from the spec, which you can see on the apple store, there is no difference apart from the colour and that you have to pay an extra £50 for it. I personaly preffer black which is why i have one.

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