I am having a major issue with a brand new macbook pro.

These last few days I've been going through getting everything across onto my new machine. Today I got arround to the big, most time-consuming installation I had to do, Logic Studio 8.

A couple of hours after install was completed, I attempted to run Mainstage, one of the parts of Logic Studio. It would not load, and as I'd heard a friend mentioning him having problems running Mainstage first time. So I forced quit on it and started playing around with the main part of Logic.

Moments later, I got an error on screen telling me that Mainstage had failed to quit (I don't remember the exact wording), to which i aknowledged. At this moment, I had a darkened screen with a "you must restart your computer" message. I did so, assuming that this was just the fault of mainstage and expecting it to work straight afterwards.

It did not. After restarting the machine, It chimed, loaded the Grey screen, apple logo and preloader-spinner. After a few minutes however, screen went black, chimed again, and repeated the process about 5 times before I decided something must be wrong.

Since then I have tried booting from the OSX dvd into the installer to run the Disk Utility. I have attempted to verify the disk, which failed, instructing me to repair, and then attempted to repair, which also failed.

I have also attempted booting in safe mode which didn't happen, it just keept the loop going. I have also tried X during startup, to force OSX to boot. This didn't work.

Beyond this, I have no idea what to do, can anyone help me?

I am reluctant to go for an erase+reinstall as I have just spent 3 days of my life getting this machine to how I want it as well as the fact that I have just installed Logic Studio and I'm not sure how things would work out with the liecencing, etc... I don't want to be throwing £320 worth of pro software down the drain...

So basically, any advice that avoids a total disk wipe would be best. However if that is the only way, then I guess that's what has to be done.