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    PB Problems (Dead Pixels and Combo Drive)
    I bought a 12" Powerbook just over a week ago and overall I've been really happy with it, but I've had a few problems that are really troubling to me. First off, my screen has three dead pixels, and Apple says that a screen must have more than that number to merit a replacement. Secondly, my cd drive starting acting up today. It takes the cd's in but then, after maybe 30 seconds, spits them right back out. I've tried everything I know to do, which isn't much, but still nothing. Any ideas?

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    you can always return it if its under 14 days.. my 12" powerbook has been fine for the past month that ive had it. i have 3 dead pixels too that really bugged me at first, but i promise you get used to it and youll forget they are there after a little. try massaging them out. that worked for a few of mine. As far as your combo drive, i dont know why thats happening. are the cds your inserting scratched?

    i love my 12" pb

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    Decent CDRs? It might spit out the really cheap ones where you get 1000 for $5, and for good reasons.

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    It won't read professional cd's or dvd's. I'm taking it back on my way through Atlanta next week. They've agreed to let me return it, even though it will be more than 14 days.

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