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Thread: upgrading HDD

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    upgrading HDD
    I want to upgrade my HDD in my macbook.
    Is it possible to do this upgrade without having to lose/reinstall any software?
    I was thinking i could get my new HDD and get an external adapter, and then use a program to clone my internal HDD to teh external, then swap the hardrives over.
    So a few q's.

    1st, is this possible?
    2nd, what program will allow me to do this?
    3rd, any thing else i should no?


    PS, quick q - is it possible to run 2 external LCDs off a macbook? i currently have an adapter taht allows me to use 1 extra LCD, but can i add another?


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    Going Galt...
    No problem...
    1) It's possible
    2) Use SuperDuper or Carbon Copy Cloner (free versions of both work A+ great)
    3) Basically, buy your new HDD and a Firewire enclosure for it. Format (Erase in Apple-ese) it with the Apple Disk Utility to HFS+ Journaled. Read the documentation for either SuperDuper or CCC. You can make a bootable clone of your current drive to the newly purchased drive. After the clone, reboot the MacBook off the external HDD (newly cloned HDD) using your firewire connection and Target Disk Mode to verify the clone worked. If all is good then power everything down, insert the new HDD, reboot, and you are good to go.
    PS... keep the original stock HDD as if you need to send it back to Apple for service, they require the configuration to be stock unless an Apple Certified Tech did the work. Also, you can do periodic (monthly or whatever) clones to the original HDD via firewire so you always have a "good to go" backup if the new hardware drops dead.
    Good luck!
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