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    3 month old macbook shut down and won't power up
    I was just composing an email on my 3 month old black Macbook when it just completely shut off. It will not power back up. The green light is solid on the AC adapter, and the battery is fully charged. I've tried re-setting the RAM, removed the battery, held the power button down for 5 seconds, resetting the PRAM, etc....still nothing. the little white light on the front of the MacBook is not lit at all. When I hold the power button down for say, 5 or 10 seconds, I can faintly hear a "".

    thoughts? suggesstions??


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    Your system is still under warantty, so have Apple take a look at it.
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    Something similar happened to my Powerbook... the logic board was shot. Unfortunately it was no longer under warranty and I only concluded that after a lot of deducing. If that IS its problem, then be happy its still under warranty... the repair costs around $500!

    But yea, like rman said, send it in to Apple.

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