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Thread: Wifi hardware disappeared

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    Nov 07, 2007
    Wifi hardware disappeared
    My WiFi stopped working with no particular incident to suggest a reason for this. I dug around system preferences and even system profiler - nothing can even see the hardware anymore!

    Is there a known bug for this (I can't find reference to one) or can I somehow ping the hardware from a terminal? Otherwise I must assume the internal WiFi card is dead and won't even communicate.

    If this is the case can I use any laptop PCMCIA WiFi card or do I have to find one specifically with Mac OS X drivers?

    How difficult would it be to open the case and replace the card? Is this prohibitively expensive or difficult?

    I am running OS X 10.4 on a 1.33 GHz G4 powerbook.

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    Had the same problem with my bluetooth it appeared that there was no device present i did a reinstall and now it's fine this may work for Airport
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