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    Apr 07, 2007
    Finally buying a Macbook...
    I was waiting for the X3100 update, and now that I've got enough cash saved up, I'll be buying a new macbook this weekend or next.

    I have TWO questions:

    1) I plan on self-upgrading my hard drive to a 7200 RPM drive and the RAM to 2x1GB or 2x2 GB. I'll be *hopefully* doing both of these things before christmas, but I'm not sure which I should do first if it comes down to choosing one or the other. Which one provides the best speed increase?

    2) I was going to get a mini-DVI - DVI adaptor, but then realized to use it I'd have to unplug my main PC as my Sceptre Naga only has one DVI. Does the Macbook's VGA out through an adaptor look okay? I'd be using it not very often, but want it to look nice when I do. Worse comes to worse I'll get the DVI adaptor and just unplug the other DVI, but if the VGA looks nice (enough) I may go that route instead.

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    Oct 26, 2007
    Get the RAM first, it is the most noticeable upgrade.

    Not absolutely sure about the VGA, but it should look fine.

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    Agreed, go for the RAM first/

    I use an external monitor with my Macbook and started out with a VGA connection and that lasted a night. It wasn't that the picture quality was bad, but it had to do with the resolution out put. When i used the VGA the monitor wouldn't run at its highest resolution unless i was only using it with my Mac closed. When i switched to DVI that problem was gone. Whenever i plug it in both the display on my Mac and on the monitor are correct.

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    As everyone's saying, ram first... my macbook only supports up to 2gb (2x1gb) but the new ones support up to 4gb

    Also i've used mini-dvi to dvi and vga to connect to my tv and i don't really notice a difference... i tend to use my vga a lot more and i get excellent quality on my 56" LED DLP samsung.

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