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    So I bought a Macbook Pro..what next
    I've saved up and finally got my 1st MacBook Pro 17" "used" Now I want to upgrade the darn thing. The hard drive is fine @ 200 Gb but slow @ 4700. I want to upgrade the Ram to the Max can any one tell me what to get out there because i don't know what I'm buying and I don't want to get the "suckered" Can you only max out @ 3 Gb of Ram on the Macbook Pro ???

    Besides the computer came with CE3 extended, Final cut pro, imove HD, and a whole bunch of other nice programs. The problem is that the computer is under the persons name who sold it to me. I want to wipe clean the hard drive but safe those nice programs like photoshop. Is it possible. By installing leopard will that take his name off of the computer and register my name ?

    last question. I like hooking up the Mac to a secondary screen which is my Sony Bravia 42" LCD monitor. What type of cable is the best way to get both audio and video. My A/V reciever has "HDMI" inputs but the mac dosen't so can anyone also tell me how to hook up the mac to my HD monitor. The only way I see is DVI to HDMI but you don't get audio from it. So does anyone have a suggestion.


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