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    2nd time powercord melts down!
    Okay, I was talking on the phone and started smelling electrical is the 2nd time this has happened with this notebook!

    The heat melted through the white plastic coating of the cord at the connection to the magnetic male connector into the laptop and through some of the wires.

    At first it looks like a rodent nibbled at it but brown discoloration can be seen and the outside plastic is warped. The wiring inside is literally bending and broken. Also, when I unplugged it, the smoke coming off of it was a "good" clue! The melted part is about 1/8" long and 2/3 of the outside of the cord.

    The first time was just after I bought it and the battery had swelled to 2" thick. I returned the battery to a mac repair shop before apple had to replace everyones. Then, a few weeks later, my powercord melted down and started slow burning while I was using it. Apple sent me a replacement cord. I told them the laptop ran very hot and could't be touched and he said it just "seemed" like it but to get more ventilation. My MacBook Pro has been running hot since and I just keep using it like they said...but I dont' dare touch the bottom. I think this laptop is the problem running too hot like I first told them...

    SO, tonight it happened again! I'm just glad I was here and didn't wake up with a flame next to my head.

    Am I the only person having this problem? I haven't called applecare yet...any feedback is helpful. PS...My battery is at way to charge so I'll check any postings tomorrow on a different computer.

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    12" Apple PowerBook G4 (1.5GHz)

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