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    Evil Homer
    Problems after upgrading to X.3
    After upgrading my powerbook G4 from X.2.8 to X.3.4, I lost both my internal modem and airport wireless. Under network in the sysetm preferences, I could see them, but they were grayed out and I couldn't access them. Then if I tried to connect using my modem, I got an error message saying that the device could not be found. Any ideas on a fix other than downgrading back to X.2.8? Thanks for the help.

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    Did you upgrade to x.3.4 using the Panther Installer from CD? As a upgrade?

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    Evil Homer
    Yes, I did the install from the CD as an upgrade. Then I couldn't use the modem or wireless.

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    Download and install Mac OS X Combined Update 10.3.5 and see if that resolves the problem.
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