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    broken logic board (i think)
    i have an apple ibook g4 with i think a shorted outlogic board. The computer works perfectly but i cant get it to charge. if i put an already charged battery in it it works just fine, but it will not charge through the input where you would usually charge it. i'm wondering if theres some way to sort of perminatly plug it in through where you would put the battery... i know this is a stupid question. I dont need to use a battery as i use this mac as a way to record music only, but my sister spilled coffee on it. So i'm just wondering if theres some sort of adapter i can either make or buy that will plug in through the bottom of the laptop.

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    Sounds like you might just have a faulty DC input. It's an easy fix that you can do yourself. Just download the guide from and follow their directions. You can buy the part at

    Good Luck!

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