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    going to upgrade my ibook hard drive......
    I have decided to upgrade my hard drive for my ibook g4 b/c I find it inconvenient to load itunes and iphoto off an external hard drive. I am looking @ two 160 gig hard drives from western digital and seagate. I will get this done by an authorized mac dealer. It will be cheaper for me to purchase the hard drive and pay for the labour. Does anybody know if the western digital is compatible size wise to fit into the ibook as I have been told not all drives can fit into the ibook. Any advice from fellow ibook owners who have upgraded their hard drive?


    here's the link to where I plan to purchase my hard drive......

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    All iBook G4's need a 9.5mm (height) HD. So if it is 9.5mm it should work.

    Good Luck and your smart for letting them do the Labor, the iBooks are all a pain to take apart...


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    iMacKid hit the nail on the head. And all laptop drives made since probably 2000 or 2001 are 9.5mm height.

    I do have one thing to add, though. The same thing I add to all laptop hd upgrade threads; if it fits in your budget, consider getting a 7200rpm drive. They have no effect on battery life to speak of, they are no louder or hotter (excluding Toshiba, which makes garbage drives anyhow) than their 5400rpm counterparts, and there is a significant performance benefit to be had by going with a 7.2k drive.
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    Agreed again with Geeky1.

    I had to opt for a 120GB 5400 RPM Seagate Momentous 2.5" drive when recently upgrading my iBook G4 1.33Ghz, due to lack of $$$ for the 7200 and running out of room. I did the upgrade myself as I have done laptop repairs and upgrades for many years now. It is a pain to get it apart, but if you know what you are doing, it's not that hard.

    I went with the Seagate as it was on sale and in my price range at the time, but Western Digital is a great drive also. Just be sure to get an IDE (ATA) drive and not a SATA (Serial ATA).

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