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    Is eBay the only logical choice for replacement keyboards?
    I've had my 12" PowerBook G4 since 2004, so there's been a lot of wear and tear, especially when a few years back I spilled soda on it. Luckily nothing ever failed... at least I don't think it did. I just replaced the Hard Drive for the second time, the first Seagate HD failed a few months afterwards. Luckily there's that 5 Year Warranty.

    Anyways, Are there no other online shops to get a 12" PowerBook keyboard? eBay seems to have the cheapest price. Just wondering if anyone had any suggestions.

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    eBay is very good. There are a lot of sellers in China and Japan who sell them brand new in box. I've bought ibook, powerbook and MBP keyboards this way.

    RE: Seagate - bad luck. I had a Seagate 160GB 2.5" IDE for my 15" PowerBook which failed after just 2 months of use. Terrible drives. Replaced under warranty and promptly sold.


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    You should be fine buying a keyboard on eBay. I always buy replacement parts for older model Macs on eBay. I had a problem once but the guy was going to give me a refund because the cable I bought didn't fit. I wound up keeping the cable and using it for something else.
    You should be able to Google search replacement Powerbook keyboard and come up with some hits.
    A lot of the times, the eBay sellers have their own websites so dig around eBay and see if you can come up with external links on about me pages. (They're not allowed to put external links on listings pages that bring sellers commerce page.)

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    I haven't used eBay in years... the last thing I bought was a out of print DVD.

    I don't want to register for Paypal, but that's all the sellers use. I'm not familiar with Paypal anymore... do I have to register all my credit card information in order to pay with my Visa? Is there a way to do a one time pay "dealy"?

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    no you can just put your bank account details in there and do secure bank transfers but i guess thats worse than one credit card

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    did you look at ifixit. they might have them in stock. heres the link to the keyboard

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