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    Can't get back on internet after computer has gone to sleep
    I have a powerbook g4 which has worked great till about a week ago. Everything is running fine but after I've put it to sleep and opened it back up, the computer wont load any of the web pages. I have airport signal but the pages wont load. any idea how to fix it?

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    Airport issues
    Did you try unplugging/resetting your router, cable modem, etc?

    I had a similar problem last week (after months of trouble free access).
    No connection, yet airport thought it was connected. So I tried plugging directly into the router. Still nothing. Plugged into the cable modem bypassing the router. Nothing. Resetting the cable modem by unplugging for 30 seconds did the trick.

    I had the benefit of having another wireless PC on the network, which also lost internet access, so i knew it wasn't just the MacBook having an issue.


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    I've already done that, plus we have a bunch of computers around our house and none of the others have this problem. Thanks for the reply though.

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