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    Macbook display suddenly dimmer
    Hi folks

    I've a fairly new Macbook - bought it in May '07 - and my screen has abruptly, inexplicably, gotten a great deal dimmer. It's not unbearably dim - the computer is still usable - but it's certainly a far call from the nice bright experience of a fresh Macbook screen. Yes, I've turned the brightness all the way up, recalibrated colors, etc. Have people encountered this before and what advice do you have if so?

    Incidentally, this problem seems to have coincided with an onset of the well-documented "macbook crashes upon sleep" problem - my machine would restart as soon as I closed the lid and moved it. I've done the recommended workaround of changing the sleep mode, but I'm not entirely certain this has resolved the problem - not sure if that could have anything to do with the screen brightness.

    Any tips appreciated. Thanks.

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    i encountered when i would turn my mb (bought like 2 weeks ago) off and back on, but when i changed it back in system preferences it was fine. Do you have applecare? If you don't you should get it its soooooo worth it.

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