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    Normal MacBook noise?
    My MacBook makes "clicking" sounds every few seconds-minutes. Sounds like the hard drive just clicking, I can hear it right near the right hand rest part of the MacBook. This is my third MacBook in a few days as the first two I got at the store were defective... am I shooting 0 for 3? I didn't hear this noise with the first MacBook. Didn't have the second MacBook long enough to figure out...

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    doesnt sound right
    take it back,
    apple just redid the macbooks today so you would be getting a better machine as well

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    Return it! I've never heard such noises in the few months I've had my Macbook.

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    Definitely NOT normal behaviour of a MacBook.

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    It's a low noise, but it's noticable... I'm gonna feel embarrassed turning a third MacBook in...

    Make a click noise with your tongue, but softly and that's the noise I hear.

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    I know exactly what you mean, my Black Macbook does this as well. I have had mine for just about a year now, and the "sound" has not had any impact on the operation of performance of my machine.

    I have just had to deal with the fact that my macbook in particular makes a plethora of noises.

    I have the creaky hinge, the flexing creeking left side, buzzing processor and noisey hard-drive.

    The hard-drive sound never worried me, mainly because it is so incredibly faint, and compared to the sounds that my external hard-drives make (WD and G-Drive) not to mention the sounds my HP notebook makes.

    I have had the IT guys in my company take a look at it, and listen to the sound, and they are positive its not leading to a failure, BUT I still have a bootable back-up just in case.

    Honestly, out of all the macs I have seen in my company (clothing design) all the MBs and MBPs have all been nosisy in some way or the other. I love my Mac to death, but I have come to accept the fact that it is far from perfect. I put up with all the above mentioned issues because it is still better then working on a silent windows machine.

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    Well, I went to the Apple Store the other day and the Genius said I shouldn't worry about it. Although, he did extend my warranty from 14 to 30 days. I guess I'll have to live with it, unless something bad happens.

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