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    How ton install a new hard drive into my iBook clamshell(Im new with mac)
    Hi eveyone,
    Im new in the world of mac. I bought a used iBook G3 clamshell and the hard drive was 3GB. So it was to small to put Mac OS X 10.3.9. So I bought a used hard drive, 30GB Toshiba and I was wondering how could I format it so when I start up Mac OS X, a hard drive will appear. Because right now when im in the option to select the hard drive I cant see nothing. How could I format the hard drive into MAC. Help me.
    Thank you

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    Welcome to the Forums!!!

    BTW: Good choice on buying a iBook G3 "Clamshell"!!!
    There GREAT machines...&....Stylish...

    I ran into this problem after installing my new 20GB Toshiba HD too.
    If you have the OS X discs get that in the drive and boot holding down "C"...
    Then once you get to the installer, open up disc utility, once you've done that go to: " Erase"... Then go to "Volume Format", and select "Mac OS Extended (Journaled)". That should do the trick, then name your HD volume and select if you want OS 9 drivers.

    Hope I helped...


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    Thanks for the replied, but I got another problem. Finally my 30GB was defective so I bought a new one and when I start my mac it goes like this:
    What's the problem?

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