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    ibook weight change if upgraded
    I'm interested in getting a new ibook 12inch, but I want to be able to take it wherever I go, so weight is a big concern. My question is -- if I upgrade to a 60gb hard drive, 512 ram, and add an airport card -- how much will the weight change from the initial 4.9 pounds?

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    The higher-capacity hard drive probably wouldn't change the weight at all. (It just packs the data in more densely on the platters.)

    The AirPort card and extra memory module would add a very slight amount of weight...maybe two ounces. (Guestimate.)

    Anybody feel like pulling a RAM stick and AirPort card out and putting them on a laboratory balance?

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    Lol, you won't notice a thing. Like technologist mentioned, they won't add much weight and I'd guess the upgrades would add around 0.05lbs.

    Enjoy your new iBook

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    at 512 ram and 60 gig hard drive, will my ibook be comparable enough to a powerbook, or is it worth the upgrade? the extra battery life on the ibook is a big draw for me.

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    Since you're getting the Aiport Card and larger hard drive, why not consider buying a stock PowerBook? The difference in cost is only $346 (could be even less if you use EDU or ADC discount) and it comes with a built-in Aiport Card and 60GB hard drive. Choosing the PowerBook, you get a faster, more capable machine thats compatible with upcoming Core Image in Tiger (iBook isnt) and its also lighter than an iBook. As for the battery life, I don't think theres a big difference, maybe 30min or less, unless you know otherwise.

    To address your question though, yes I think it would be comparable if you're just using it for Word, surfing and light loads, but anything beyond that I would bet the PowerBook would outperform.

    Lastly, don't buy the RAM from Apple, you can get it cheaper elsewhere (ie.

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    Oh and whichever laptop you choose, get as much RAM as possible, the standard 256MB is too low for OS X and adding more will provide a significant increase in speed.

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