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    What temperature is it supposed to run at?

    I've a recent convert (as of 4 days ago), and after downloading a temperature monitor app, I can see that the CPU temp is 74C (163F), the hard disk is at 39C (102F) and the memory controller is at 57C (134F). Is this normal? What kind of temperatures should these be running at?



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    If your MBP was operating at an unsafe temperature, it would shut down automatically.
    The temps you listed are normal for MBP's, and keep in mind that all of those "temp monitoring" apps, widgets and whatnots aren't exactly the most accurate gauge to measure your temps. They are often wildy off by the tens and can often read a temp near boiling point while the machine is still cool to the touch.
    My advice would be to ditch the temp monitors. If there was really a problem then you would notice it and wouldn't have any doubt whatsoever.
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    Thanks for the advice.
    Actually, it's gone down a lot: i think it was only so high because I left it on the whole night by accident.

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    The most important thing for heat is that you don't have it running on a couch or on the carpet. That makes it run really hot. One thing that's nice is to download SMC fan control. Then you can change the fan speed to adjust the temp.
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