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    Quick question?
    I am currently thinking about purchasing a macbook white with 2.16ghz and upgradeing the ram to a 2gb. I would like to know if I should wait til about christmas and possibly the prices will go down? But I was wondering if playing such games as War Craft 3 would run smoothly on this particular machine?
    Thirdly - is the prcessor speed going to increase in the next couple of months? will they have a santa rose? how long do you think they will have the 2.16ghz core 2 duo prcoessor for?

    thx -mike

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    there are rumors out that say they might update the macbook as early as november but it is just a rumor. Apple tends not to put their computers on sale. the best option if you are looking for a discount is to check the refurb section on the online apple store.

    i will let someone else answer the gaming question as i dont game at all.

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    Apple usually doesn't lower prices, but upgrades models to give you better specs at the same price. Whether specific stores will have sales on Macs is up to them...

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    The MacBook does run some games ok, but generally speaking, it's a poor gaming machine, as it lacks a dedicated graphics chip.
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    Many Aspyr branded games run well on the MacBook and the MacMini once you turn the graphics down slightly. However, larger games, for example Command and Conquer Generals Deluxe experiences slowdown on both systems, however it is still playable if used with more than 1GB RAM.
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    if you just play warcarft 3 or counterstrike , it is fine .It is really smooth ,i tried it before
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