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    Capacity HD for Vista on MBP
    Hi ,

    I am planing install Vista on my MBP and I would like to ask your opnion if it is acceptable I partition like this

    MBP 2,4 GHZ
    RAm 2 GB
    HDD 160GB---->Available: 126.14 GB
    Used : 22.59 GB

    I suppose to take 80 GB for Vista, and the rest HD Capacity for Mac is 46.14 GB. Do you think my mac will run slower than before? If this is not a good choice, how should I partition for Vista. I am aiming using Vista with MS Office 2007, Encarta 2008, Nero, and Antivirus.

    Any idea would be appreciate. Thank you

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    Would you be running basic or premium vista?
    they have different requirements

    It'll probably slow down, but I'm not sure, I don't have any experience there.
    I might consider using XP since it seems like you won't be gaming.

    Or, Upgrading your HD, thats always an option.
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    You bought a mac to run windows?

    Anyways, If you plan on running primarily Windows, you'll want to larger partition. I have a 120gb drive with one partition only. Even with that I still struggle for disk space on some days.

    Edit: And as long as your partitions are defragged, there should be no performance loss.
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