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    macbook freezing!!
    so, i got my second macbook yesterday. opened up the packaging which btw was double taped.. which was understandable because of the leopard cd enclosed.. disregarded that. took out the laptop out of the packaging and was........


    there was finger prints all over the casing and scratches on the trackpad. i wanted to forget about it since it wasn't a really big deal so i installed the new leopard (which btw is a little overrated.. for me atleast) and after the install i noticed that there were noises coming from the back of the macbook (most probably the fans) and my macbook totally froze. i just got this yesterday and i have never experienced an apple freezing on me.. window's probably but never on any of my apple computers! it probably froze on me 5 times already.. today! so what should i do? should i report this problem to the apple store because i just got it last night. and if so, would they exchange it for a new macbook or give me the run around. HELP
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    Yes go to the apple store, they should fix it for you free of charge.

    I don't know why that is happening

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