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Thread: General Upgrading - G4 iBook

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    General Upgrading - G4 iBook
    Hey guys,

    At the moment i'm unsure whether to upgrade the maci have or buy a newer model with higher spec, at the end of the day it's going to come down to price with what i do, or more to the point, what it's going to be more cost effective to do. My iBook now is currently running with a 1.42GHz processor and a total of 1.5GB of memory (512mb built in, 1GB Extra) and a 60GB Hard-drive.

    As far as i'm aware the processor and Memory are the highest they can be upgraded to, the hard-drive i could upgrade to 160GB, would this be a good idea? yeah i do need the extra space but i don't want to suffer losing speed if i did upgrade.

    What else could i upgrade and in your opinions is it worth it or should i just bite the bullet and go for a higher spec notebook.

    Louis Miller

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    Just buy a 7200 RPM HD for the iBook. If you have the original HD installed in the iBook now you will notice a speed boost. I wouldn't doubt the iBook had a 4200 RPM HD. But yea, that is the only upgrade left for the iBook that you can do. If it suits everything you do, you don't need to get a Macbook.

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