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    Upgrading? older 06 model upgrade to 4gb?
    hey guys i have the older 06 macbook pro 17 inch model

    and i was reading somewhere that if you upgrade to 4gb the computer wont realize it? or something also do you recommend buying apples ram or buying a third party ram...

    another question what are the main differences between the newer 17 inch macbook pros and the later 06 models the one that i have?

    btw specs on this laptop are 2.33 ghz 2gb of ram

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    It will take up to 3GB, not 4. Don't buy Apple RAM, it's a waste of money. There's plenty of other good RAM out there that will work fine.

    Main differences are the newer ones have a faster bus speed (800MHz vs. 667), a newer chipset and cpu revision, will take 4GB instead of 3, have MUCH faster graphics cards (x1600 vs. 8600m), the 15s have LED backlit screens (not sure about the 17s) and the new 17" models have an optional screen that's actually a useable resolution (1920x1200). They may also have larger hdds, I'm not sure.
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    Geeky1 pretty much summed everything up. One note though, only the 15" has an LED screen.
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