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    may have a temp problem
    Lately I notice that my macbook gets up to 74 degrees celsius when I am doing things like just surfing the internet on safari with two windows open. The fan goes up to 6,200rpms. I have no other apps open, in fact it is doing it right now. I really don't think it should be doing it for light use like this. I am even afraid to open FCP now.
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    That is normal. If there was a problem, the machine would power off on its own before any damage was done.
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    Mine does the same thing. I just live with it.
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    mine is the same. Unfortunatly

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    See Sig...
    It's a known problem. There's very little you can do about it without voiding your warranty.
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    how did u get those specs ? widget ? I'd like to be able to know on mine aswell, I thought it was abnormal too

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    there are several things available to tell the speed of you fan and temp for widgets i like iStat pro as it gives me alot of information as to what is going on.

    i also run smc Fan Control which is an app that will show you temp, fan speed and let you adjust the speed of your fan.

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    adjust to an extent you can't go lower than what the computer is making it go itself

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