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    Problem With iBook Disk-drive
    Hi Guys,

    Recently the disk drive on my G4 iBook has started playing up really badly.
    When i insert a disk it starts making a very loud noise and the disk doesn't show up in the finder. I have tried various types of disk to make sure it wasn't something wrong with the disk i was using and i get the same result every time, the loud noise, i'm unable to eject the disk manually and have to wait sometimes up to 10 minutes before the drive gives up and ejects it itself.
    I'm not sure why this has started happening and will be taking it to my nearest computer store soon to get it checked out.
    But before i go through all this hassle has anyone got any advice just incase it's something i can sort out myself.

    Kind Regards,
    Louis Miller

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    You have a faulty optical drive. It's pretty easy to replace yourself. Go to and buy a new or used optical drive. Then go to and download the replacement guide for the optical drive. I fix iBooks for a living, and they are quite easy to work with.

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    Thanks for the quick reply. I had a look at the ifixit site, it seems fairly straight forward, before rushing into anything im going to see how much it would cost to have it done by a proffesional, but if it's too much then i might just give it a go myself, thanks again.

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