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Thread: Turning On By Itself.

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    Exclamation Turning On By Itself.
    I realized my MacBook turned itself on this morning, by hearing the cd drive make the noise it usually makes when I turn it on, then hearing the starting up noise.

    I waited till the desktop opened up, and turned it off, waited for it to shut off, then closed the lid. I went out for a couple hours, and came back and noticed the light next to the IR censor was on, I opened the lid and it said 'Starting OSX', so I waited for it to fully boot, and shut it off.

    How do I stop this?

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    Do you have EyeTV installed? If so, turn off the Schedule updating (change to Manual). If not, do you know if you have some other program that sets a daemon to access something online? Sounds like a daemon is turning on your Macbook to update something.
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