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    wakes up when closed / goes dark when in use
    problem 1:
    i have had a 12" G3 700MHz iBook and since the spring it has started to wake up after i've closed the lid. i'll close it, and put it in my bag, and the movement will jar it awake. or, i'll close it and it will just wake up on its own with no external movement. right now i work around this by setting it to go to sleep after 1 minute in the Energy Saver panel, so that if it wakes up it won't stay up for long.

    problem 2:
    also, the screen will sometimes go dark when i adjust the postion of the screen. it won't be asleep, and if i have a bright light behind the computer i can still see the windows well enough to put the machine to sleep and wake it back up again (which brings the screen back).

    with both these problems, it seems as though the mechanism which tells the computer what position the screen is in has gotten mis-aligned, perhaps...?...

    has anybody else experienced this?

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    For #1, as a workaround you might want to disable lidwake to avoid it from accidentally waking up from sleep, although it if wakes up with no movement at all, this might not help.

    In the terminal type: sudo pmset lidwake 0

    Switch it on again with: sudo pmset lidwake 1

    Now when you open the lid, it won't wake up until you press any key (except trackpad button)

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    very cool - more proof that i need to learn what UNIX commands are all about.


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    i have just found more references to the "screen goes black" problem on the net. if anyone else is having this problem, you should go here:

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