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    Question Please help - buying Applecare from another country
    I'm going to be getting a Macbook Pro soon, but here in Italy Applecare costs 439, which is way too much for me! If I buy an APP on Ebay from the USA, will it still work for me here? Or will I have to send my laptop to America if something happens?

    P.S. I'd posted this question in another thread about Applecare, but I don't think it was being read anymore because the thread was a few days old and the original question had already been answered, so I posted this question here - I hope that's okay.

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    I dont have direct answer for ya, but try giving applecare a call and asking them??? or an apple store???? Good luck

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    in a german mac forum many have purchased us apple care and it seems to register just fine...since you are a MBP owner (to-be) it should actually work because the mobile APP offer global service...however if you read the terms and conditions you will see that it is not allowed officially...Apple doesn't seem to care least I have heard of one guy who registered his us APP over the hotline in Germany.
    but keep in mind that apple might do something about it in the for now there seems to be no problem with foreign APPs in Europe.
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