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    swapped HD, now grey boot screen takes a long time
    I recently swapped my stock 120G HD for a Western Digital Scorpio 250G. I have a mid-2007 MacBook Pro 2.2 with all updates. In general, the computer runs faster, but the grey initial boot screen takes a while longer. The apple logo with the spinning thingy can last for 10 seconds or more. Twice, after running for 30 seconds or so, the apple logo turned in the international-no circle with a line through it. I held down the power button to shut off and restarted and it worked fine both times. After the grey screen goes away, the "loading Mac OS X" dialog goes by almost instantaneously, whereas before it would take 5 seconds or more.

    Not a big deal, but was wondering what exactly happens during that grey screen. Also, I got that drive as a USB external as Best Buy for $150, popped open the enclosure and swapped drives, great deal!

    any thoughts? thanks!

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    Try doing a PRAM reset. I've found that when the initial gray screen presents itself for a prolonged period, it's usually because the EFI is having a hard time detecting the boot device. Resetting the PRAM puts everything back to defaults.

    Press and hold Command+Option+P+R, turn the power on and continue to hold until the system chimes 3 times.
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    thanks for the suggestion. I tried the pram reset and no luck, still a long grey-screen boot time. not the end of the world though...

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