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    Hi All,

    So, my new (old) MacBook Pro just arrived a few hours ago... In my excitement, I actually didn't think about (or notice) the fact that I didn't install the extra gig of RAM that arrived yesterday from Crucial...

    Anyway, having installed RAM on all kinds of PC systems (both desktops and notebooks) I figured this would be a cake walk...

    Err... Umm... No...

    Turns out that none of my screwdrivers were small enough to open the thing up...

    Obviously I'm gonna need a new toolkit... Any recommendations?



    PS: Mods, I realize this isn't specifically about the MBP, but I posted here since I figure folks that work with MBPs would know the most about needed tools to maintain it... If this should have gone in OHP, please feel free to move it... Thanks

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    I got mine from Radio Shack, but I assume Circuit City or Best Buy would also carry them near their RAM/Hard Drives.

    edit: I didn't realize you're in Russia, so I have no idea how much this will actually help you.

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    Stanley makes a nice set of small screwdrivers (3 philips, 3 flat head) that you can pick up at any store that sells tools or Wal-Mart. They come in very handy for me on a lot of things.
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    iirc it's just a regular old #0 phillips screwdriver, which is something that any hardware store should sell, I would expect.
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