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    Fan or Hard drive???
    I have a Core Duo black macbook. I've noticed that the fan will kick on..however, sometimes there is a sound (kind of like the sound that you get when a disk is being ejected)...but over and over. Usually happens when it's hot..really hot!! My friend said it was the hard drive probably, however, I've been using it now for about 10 minutes, and it hasn't made a sound. It's cool. My house has been hotter than usual, and it was plugged in while I was using it for a long period of time. Any ideas?? Also, when I did the disk utility I got an error... macbook 1 HFS volume checked volume needs repair. What is that? Thanks!!!!

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    You need to do as the message says, repair the HFS volume. This volume is your Macbook's internal hard disk, it appears something has become corrupt.

    To repair the volume you will need to boot your Macbook with the OSX install disk. When you get the option to select an installation volume open the disk utility from the menu and select scan + repair. Once complete abort the installation and reboot.

    You need to use the OSX install disk as the disk utility cannot repair the volume your Macbook has booted from i.e. your internal HD.

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