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Thread: Cleaning the screen and case

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    Cleaning the screen and case
    I was wondering what kind of products etc. you guys use to clean your screen and/or metal casing?

    I'm not worried about scratches on either as I have none but fingerprints etc.

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    I just use a dry microfiber cloth on the screen and a slightly damp one for the case. My case is plastic, so the way I clean my screen may not apply to your aluminum casing.

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    I use Monster LCD Cleaner and a microfiber cloth for my screen. For the aluminum casing I spray windex on a paper towel and wipe it down. Remember to always spray the cleaner on the towel before you wipe your screen or casing.

    Some people use water on their screen, NEVER use water! Unless it's dionized. Tap water has minerals that will ruin your screen.

    Hope this helps!

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