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Thread: reliable, fast storage?

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    Question reliable, fast storage?
    Hello all,
    I recently bought a Macbook pro with a 120 GB 5400 rpm HDD. I do a lot of audio editing and anticipate that I will need to increase my storage pretty soon. I am confused about what solution to go with, so am seeking advice in this from.

    What I need:

    1. Reliable storage
    2. Read/write speeds sufficient to support audio editing / recording

    My options:

    1. Increase the internal drive to a 200 GB 7200 rpm (expensive, maxes out at 200 GB so I might have to rule out this option)
    2. Add an external drive via firewire 800 port
    3. Use an external drive via a ExpressCard Serial ATA/eSATA adapter

    I am an Apple customer, not a fanboy.

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    Either way is a good option. Probably the external FW800 would be the cheapest.
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