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    Oct 19, 2007
    Anyone have a Clear Blue Techshell case? Just wondering about the color.
    Hi Im planning to buy a Clear Blue 13" MacBook Techshell. Heres the link - Click Here =D

    It has a picture with a "Light Blue-ish" Macbook case.

    I found another picture - from - Link's Here
    which has a "BLUE Color" a bit darker.

    I have searched the forum and read that is a retailer of techshell. Question is - are those 2 cases the same? Whats the TURE color then?

    *** Just to be sure - techshell doesnt heat up your system right? No problems with fan?

    Thanks =D

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    Aug 11, 2007
    Good question. We need to update our pictures or take better candid shots to add to the ones there. The picture you see on macbook-case is by FAR a more accurate representation of how blue they are.
    They are the same ones as on, our main site, and we have some in stock.
    We take our shells to a professional photographer to get the product shots done, but while he does a great job removing the stuff from the background, a lot of the time, the colors don't come out right. Probably because of the flash or filters he's using in photoshop.

    Hope that helps.

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    Jul 22, 2007
    not to hijack your thread or anything
    but say you have a white macbook with a silver macstyles on it
    if you got the smoked techshell; would you still be able to see the macstyle or probably not?
    macbook pro. 2007wfp. 40d. 17-55 2.8. e71. etc...

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    Sep 06, 2007
    just got back home from class and to my excitement was a package w/ my techshell!

    i bought the clear smoke techshell for my macbook pro (core 2 duo) and so far so good. the colors do look different than on the website, but it's really hard to capture the right colors in a photograph because it is transparent, but at the same time has a glossy look too it. i will update with a short review later tonight w/ pics.

    props to techshell for the quick shipment (ordered sunday night. arrived today)

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