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    need compact bus powered USB 2.0 hub for macbook

    i am using my intel macbook to DJ using traktor software, and need to connect three USB 2.0 peripherals in order to be able to do so, an M-Audio Transit Soundcard, a Kontrol DJ controller and an iPod Classic. Because there are only 2 usb ports on the macbook, i am going to need some kind of USB hub/splitter which i would like to be bus powered and small for transportation. Ideally it would only have 2 ports, but it seems like even the smallest hubs have 4 ports. I am aware that there may be power issues if two devices are connected to a bus powered hub, and that it depends on how much power each device draws.

    So i have 3 questions: (i) is it possible to use 2 bus powered usb devices on a bus powered hub on the macbook? (ii) is there a way of testing how much power each device draws? (iii) i understand that some bus powered hubs are better at handling multiple devices than others. can someone recommend a good hub for my purpose?



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    I have a Belkin USB 2.0 powered hub and it works fine. If requires a power outlet to get power to all 4 of the ports. It runs fine I have my mouse, printer and iPod running off of it.

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    are you saying that with the three devices it will run ok on bus power, but for any more you would need to use the power outlet?

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