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Thread: G3 ibook wont eject

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    G3 ibook wont eject
    I press the f12 button on my ibook and the eject logo comes on the screen but nothing there anything else i can do?

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    If You have a iBook G3 (white) or iBook G3 (clamshell):
    If you canít eject a CD or DVD or open the
    optical drive tray:
    Make sure the disc is not in use.
    Quit all applications that are using files on the disc.
    Then press the Media Eject ( ) key at the top-right corner of
    the keyboard.
    If that doesnít work, hold down the function (fn) key and press
    the Media Eject key.
    If that doesnít work, drag the discís icon to the Trash.
    If that doesnít work, restart the computer, then hold down the mouse
    button. To restart, choose Restart from the Apple (K) menu.
    If the disc still wonít eject, eject it manually:
    Carefully insert the end of a straightened paper clip into the
    emergency eject hole on the drive tray.

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