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    MacBook Upgrade?
    I've had my iMac for about a year now and I am so happy with it. I definitely made the best decision by purchasing it and I'm now looking to purchase a new Apple laptop. A lot of people are recomending the Macbook Pro, but I really like the MacBook (b/c it's white ) . Anyway, does anyone know if any new version of the MacBook is going to come out soon like how the Aluminum version of the iMac came out? Or maybe a new version of the MacBook Pro? I really don't want to purchase one and have a newer, updated version arrive three months later, lol. Thanks in advance.

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    There are many rumours about new MacBooks coming out very soon, very slim and aluminium, is the most common rumour.

    I myself are hoping there is an update for the MacBook Pro. New Processor, Fixed Heat problem, A better graphics card, more usb ports.. etc.
    I think I like the design as it is ( It's so smexy ) .

    My mum said she'll get me one late January to early Feburary, which is fine with me, because (if there is) I will get a new model of MacBook Pro, with Leopard

    So bascially, unless you need it badly, *need not want* You should wait a bit, you never know what's around the corner.

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    i am planning to make the move from a macbook to a macbook pro as soon as the new pros come out as i need more power lol

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    there are constant rumours about new macbooks / macbook pro's i wouldn't hold your breath, the macbooks were only recently updated i tihnk a mbp update is alot more likely.

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    Thanks so much for the input everyone! I think I'll wait awhile before purchasing since everyone seems to be hinting a MacBook Pro update. Well, I'm going to the Apple store this Saturday for Leopard, so I'll try asking one of the representives if he/she knows anything about it.

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    Don't bother, they don't know either.

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    No one knows for sure, but the best place to check the life cycle of a product is definately

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    There a lot of rumours flying around at the moment i think that the macbook's will be withus at least untill new year i mean we had the iBook for a good few years, they might update the lineup faster processers led lighting and such but i dont think a full overhaul is going to be this year

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