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    Charger extremely hot?
    I used my Macbook all day and let the battery drain to the end. Now I am charging it, and the charger that plugs into the wall is very very hot. Is this a normal thing? If it helps, I am not running many apps right now while it is charging, just have Firefox opened up.
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    Hi there,
    I have a macbook too and I have to agree with you that it get's really hot, to the point I can't even hold it for a long period of time. From what I have read on other forums, this appears to be normal.
    I'm pretty cautions with it, i don't leave the charger on my couch / sofa that the heat may damage it. Especially if you have a leather couch.

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    It's very normal, all laptops have this charger heat to some degree.

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    yep, its normal. atleast the notebook doesn't get too too hot

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    My mac charger gets a little hot, but nowhere near what my Toshiba charger was....You could cook an egg on that thing.

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    lol, my macbook is like ice compared to my sony vaio k. This thing is beautiful and MUCH much easier to carry to class than that huge 17" 8 pound computer.. ahh live the mac life =]

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    My HP laptop heats up so much internally with such an inadequate fan that games will start to lag. The power adapter on my Toshiba laptop, I tried to pick it up after running on AC for a couple of hours, and nearly burnt myself, had to pick it up by the cord to comfortably hold it. I suppose its normal, after all, transformers for anything generate a lot of heat.

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    Yes, it'll get hot - make sure you've pulled off the sticky plastic film covering that it came with, it can melt.
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