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    Powerbook G4 12" Over heating
    ive got a powerbook g4 12".

    the problem is that sometimes, seemingly for no reason, it heats up to 130'+ degrees. way too hot. the front lip would be burning up.

    ive heard its a prettty common problem. any solutions?

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    I have a 17in. G4 PB, this happened to one time. I had just viewed a file with the PowerPoint Viewer so classic started up, after I viewed the file and shut off the viewer, I thought classic shutdown. My fans came on and I looked in Activity monitor and some sevice related to classic was still running at 100%. I stopped the service and everything went back to normal including my temp. Anyway, keep the monitor on the dock, that way you can see when some service is using the cpu

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    before my powerbook crashed it used to do that all the time while watching movies or multitasking sometimes burning me to discomfort. Check if your battery is recalled mine was not on the recall listbut was burning at 145 and the power cable got so hot that the part that plugs in went into flames (a bit of water or something must have gotten on it) this freaked me out as i was in bed. Long story short go to the apple store temperatures like that should be happening, even though I was out of warranty they gave me a new battery and the problem went away.

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    its just the g4 processor. they run extremely hot, and having a powerbook doesn't help your lap any either because the aluminum transmits heat like no tomorrow. Any programs that run the processor hard will heat it up, you have to take into consideration that the g4 is only a single core processor, it cant handle everything without a sweat. Thats why you never saw a Powerbook G5, IBM couldn't keep it cool enough so it wouldn't literally cook legs and other fleshy objects that touch it.

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