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    Angry Cd drive won't take cd's. Any thoughts?
    I've had my macbook for just over a year now (found that out when I went to take this thing in and was informed my apple care was dead). Whenever I stick a cd in it will either spit it right back out immediately without even trying to read it, or it will accept it for a minute and start to spin it, then it will make a sound that sounds like it hit something while spinning and it will spit the cd out. Sometimes if I try over and over to stick it in it will take it, but mostly my cd drive is now useless.

    Anyone have any advice or ideas?

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    Yeah definitely sounds like your drive is dead. Did Apple tell you how much it would be to fix?
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    So you're saying you never bought the extended Apple Care? Oh that sucks, Apple Care pays itself off over the 3 years you have it.

    There is really nothing you can do but get it replaced. Sounds like the drive is broken.

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    Back when I was your age, we didn't have any article 88275. We had to load our punch cards in the hopper, and hope like heck they didn't jam up.

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    Hmm...distressing that I have to get a new drive. Does anyone know where I can snag a cheap one? I also forgot to mention another little oddity: whenever I move my computer while it's on or tilt it or anything the drive will eject, even if there's nothing in there. What would cause that?

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