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    bizzare hard drive upgrade issues (macbook)
    im posting here as a desperate man trying to find some answers to resolve this issue i am having. i recently upgraded the factory 80 gb hard drive to a western digital 250gb scorpio sata drive. i cloned the factory drive over to my new drive using a logicube hard drive cloner.

    everything booted up fine and all seemed well except for the fact that when viewing total/available space for the new hard drive, it still thinks there is an 80 gig drive installed. when i check the hard drive system properties however, it does indeed show a 250gb drive. i called applecare and they seem stumped as well.

    any help would be greatly appreciated!

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    Is it possible that the cloner created an 80GB partition? If you go into disk utility can you create a second partition or see the remaining space?


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    BINGO! that was it! thanks for the help!

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    how did you change the partition?
    Use the Rep System!

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    Quote Originally Posted by rjharary View Post
    how did you change the partition?
    Using disk utility.

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