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    From UK to Canada for a week...
    Im going to canada for a week and im going to be taking my macbook with me (british)

    Will i only need a uk:USA power adapter and will this work fine?

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    I am pretty sure I am right in saying that almost all plugs are the same in North America.

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    I was in British Columbia last year and they have the same plugs as the USA.
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    I'm pretty sure the question is more about the power than the plugs themselves.. ie... is there any need for a step-down?

    Or was it step-up. I can never remember ><

    But I don't know the answer

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    I ran a web search for macbook voltage, and this was the first in the list:
    The MacBook or MacBook Pro both come with a battery and a variable-voltage (110V/240V) power adapter. Purchase the optional Apple World Travel Adapter Kit (sold separately) and power/charge your notebook from most electrical AC outlets worldwide.
    The voltage and plugs are the same throughout North America, so the "optional Apple World Travel Adapter Kit" probably is overkill (and probably expensive, though I didn't check). Only a plug adapter for North America is needed.

    There are two varieties of wall sockets and plugs two-prong and three-prong. Any three-prong includes a ground, or earth, connection. But a two-prong plug fits in a three-prong socket. Wall sockets, unless very old, are polarized plugs fit only one way.

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    just so you know the voltage in north america is 110V.
    but pretty much all the adapters now work well with a range of 100-240V
    and the plug type is universal in us and canada.

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    The apple travel adapter kit really isn't too badly priced, if you ever plan on going anywhere else in the world it wouldn't hurt to have whatever adapter you would need there. Oh, and once more, Canada and the US is the same. Just for your peace of mind. I'm Canadian, and its 110V, at 60Hz, same as the US, and even Mexico I think.

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