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    buzzing at startup
    There have been some buzzing questions before, but not like this, so I wanted to ask.

    When my MBP wakes up from sleep or turns on, it buzzes loudly right above the function keys. It can be improved or worsened depending on my brightness and the screen angle, and it often comes and goes randomly (but almost always comes at start-up and wake-up). I noticed that apple has an advertisement about it here:

    I actually had to go to an apple store to get a replacement battery when my old one died, so I used the opportunity to ask them about the buzzing. I mentioned that the website had mentioned it in the link above and they didn't know anything about it, and despite taking my computer into the back room and listening to it for about 5 minutes, they came out and told me that they didn't hear anything.

    Does anyone else have this buzzing right above the row of function keys, especially at startup? Thanks for any help.

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    i'm assuming you know what the cd-drive sounds like when it checks for a bootable cd?

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    For Apple to have a notice about it on their website there must have been quite a lot of complaints ...

    I would contact Apple either Online or via Telephone ... is the MBP still under warranty or do you have AppleCare?

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    It's definitely not the CD drive. It's a very weird and concerning mechanical buzzing that sounds like a broken, vibrating metal part. It does not sound good or at all normal.

    I do have it under warranty. Telephone service didn't know anything about it and told me to take it to an apple store when I went to fix my battery. And the store said they didn't hear anything, but it happens literally every time I start up the computer. I was hoping someone here had experienced the same problem and knew the cause. Again, it's a weird metallic buzzing right under the long thin strip directly in between the function keys and the monitor hinge. I can make it increase or decrease with the monitor brightness and angle, and sometime lifting the computer off of the desk into the air makes it go away. Thank for any help.

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    According to Google, there's plenty who are speaking out about it:

    Have you seen this:

    It appears this issue (?) is at least 1 year old.

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