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    almost-new macbook pro won't turn on!!!
    my macbook pro is close to a month old, and it is a 2.2 core 2 duo 15" 120GB one. recently, i was running it on battery at work, and it still had an hour's battery life on it. when i got back from work, and tried to switch it on, nothing happened!! i checked the connections, verified whether the ac adapter was securely plugged in the wall-socket, and tried again-nothing happened! the battery was charging(i could see the progress on the battery below) and the fan was spinning fast as i could literally hear it spin, but it would not power on!! impatient, i called up customer service, and was asked to disconnect the battery and re-connect it, which worked!! it's working fine now and i haven't had any further problems with it. later i logged on to the support section of the apple site and navigated to macbook pro troubleshooting sub-section of the site...i figured that what i did to get it started the other day is referred to as "resetting the SMC". but should such a problem happen to a new computer? does this mean my laptop has a manufacturing defect or is refurbished(i bought it directly www.from is this a major problem? any help would be appreciated!!

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    MacBook Pro 2.2 C2D 4GIG Ram Glossy
    I'm pretty sure that if it happens once, don't worry too much.
    If it happens again, then i'd be concerned.
    Three times, send it back.

    I've got a new MBP, its done a few weird things, but each thing has happened only once.

    I know how ya feel though man, its like my baby, if she sneezes, i panic.

    Good old Apple Support though eh! Easy!!

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    thanks for the reply...i'll do as you mentioned, watch out for such weird things!..i feel exactly the way you said- i baby this computer(i have a speck case protecting it from scratches, a screen protector protecting the monitor and i'm now considering a keyboard protector)! if something goes wrong, i get frustrated, disappointed!..and this happened when i just have a mac partition, only god knows what will happen when i use a windows dual partition using boot camp!!!
    thanks once again!!

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