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    Unhappy Sound mostly comes out of left speakers?
    Hi people, was hoping someone could help me with this.

    I just got a "new" powerbook G4, hi res DLSD 15", in open box, but unused condition.

    I noticed that sound, even system alert sounds, seem to come out mostly from the left channel when using the built in speakers. This doesnt happen if my audio interface is connected or if using the 3.5mm headphone out.

    Of course I could go into sound prefs, and shift the left/right balance more to the right, but then its just quieter overall, and this would set it totally off balance if I connect my audio interface or headphones.

    I mean, one of the reasons I got the thing was because my ibook G4 has even lamer internal speakers, but at least the sound comes out balanced!

    Is it just my particular model? Or is there something I can do about this? I doubt this is the way its meant to be for this model...
    Thanks in advance.

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    4 days and no replies? Really?

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    ^haha okay here a response but i am sorry that i cannot help you because you did what i would say to try so i would think that there is a short in the the wire or some thing of the sort , pretty much i think its a hard

    my 2 cent

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    hey, if you go into the system preferences, then go into sound, click output there should be a balance slider. make sure that is in the middle.

    edit: I'm sorry, I can't read before I post

    it sounds to me though that one of your speakers may be blown, the same thing happened to me on my iBook G4.

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