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Thread: Macbook wont read CD

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    Macbook wont read CD
    today for some reason my macbook decided that it doesnt want to read cds anymore, i thought it just may have been the XP cd i was trying to use to run parellels but its not just that cd. i was wondering if you have any advice with what to do?

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    do you pop it in, it sits there for a few minutes, and then ejects the disc? i had the same thing happen with my macbook over the summer. i took it in, and the apple rep confirmed my combo drive was shot. they kept it for a day, and replaced it. i would recommend taking it to an apple store if this is what it is doing. chances are, your optical drive is shot.

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    If your CD doesn't spit it out, check your CDs & DVDs located in your Preferences. Make sure your computer isn't ignoring your CD.

    Best of Luck!

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    Well, as said above, you have two things to do:

    1) Check whether it's not some easily solvable hardware problem. It might be that your laptop does not recognize the CD drive (this has happened to me before). There's no way anybody could actually tell much more to you without knowing the details.

    2) If you can't find anything, go to the warranty service and they should fix that for you.

    It's simple.

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