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    Superdrive not working
    Hi - I have a 3-year old Powerbook G4 17-inch. Recently the internal 'Superdrive' stopped working, i.e. it wouldn't accept any disks fed into it. At first I thought it might be an internal fault (broken lever, or similar), but then I noticed that the drive wasn't showing up in the system profiler.

    This led me to suspect that the drive wasn't getting power and/or data connection: in other words, perhaps a connector had worked loose inside.

    So I opened the unit up (it's OK, I'm quite good at this sort of thing!) and noticed that there was a single ribbon strip connected to the drive. I pushed this home securely (I actually thought it budged very slightly and was therefore hopeful), but to no avail: the drive remained unresponsive.

    I am a little puzzled by the lack of any apparent power connector to the drive as the connector strip seems more like a data connector and a little 'skimpy' for carrying power. Could I have missed something?

    If nothing elese turns up, I am considering replacing the drive at a cost of over 200, but am concerned that the problem may not be the drive but some other part of the system that supplies it with power/data. Once I have tried out the new drive, and if the problem persists, I'm unlikely to be able to return it.

    So, suggestions anyone? Thanks

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    do you have applecare?

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