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    CD Drive problems :(
    Well i got my Macbook last November, so my warranty is nearly up that's why I wanna get this sorted.

    About 3 weeks ago it decided to stop reading / writing to blank dvd's and cds. It wouldn't even read ones that I had already made and worked all along. It just sits spinning and groaning for about a minute then spits them out again.

    Occasionally however it will read these discs? like maybe once in every 5 tries. And for some reason certain brands still work okay whereas others won't... I'm a bit confused! And I'm worried that if I have to send the laptop to Mac for repair, the CDs will work fine, as the fault is intermittent!?

    Any solutions to my problem??

    Thanks , Kyle

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    Sounds like a failed drive to me. Perhaps you can take it to an Apple store and demo it for them, rather than just sending it to a depot. Either way, I would strongly recommend you make a record of this problem with Apple so that it can be covered within the warranty.
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    I would also think about getting AppleCare before your warantty expires.
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    I'd second that. I've had AppleCare on every Mac I've ever had and it's always paid for itself.

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    Man, I really wish I would've down this, cause my optical drive decided to stop working just after my computer was out of warranty. Is there anything else I can do at this point now that I'm out of warranty? I don't wanna have to pay $300 just to get a new drive, that's ridiculous.

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    CD woes and external drive option?
    My drive is acting exactly like yours. My warranty expired in July and should have gotten it fixed then. I am thinking about an external drive because of cost and repair time. Some have suggested firewire connections but most are USB. Any suggestions?

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