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    Question about heating and Powerbooks
    Hi, I am really tempted to get a power book, and yes I know alot of you have heard from me already. I am just waiting for my PC to sell on Ebay which will be this saterday and I am going to buy a new powerbook . What I am aiming at is a 12" powerbook, and I know they are really loaded with lots of great stuff. But my question is how is the heating issue? Does the 12" show a lack of performance because it cannot stay as cool? I have a cooling station made by targus with two duel fans that are USB powered and it sits kindof like a little stand under your notebook. But if anyone has a powerbook out there and knows how hot the 12" runs I'd would like to hear their thoughts on it.



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    my powerbook runs warms if i'm using something like iMovie or iDvd, but others are ok, a little heat but nothing much to write home about. But i've noticed that if i'm using my powerbook on my bed or lap, it does get warm and i'm presuming because i'm blocking the ventilation on it. For normal desktop use, i use one of these icurves ,it gives me a little lift please it allows any heat to escape easily and keeps my powerbook cool most of the time.

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    I heard it was only the 1st generation that got *really* toasty (as in could maybe even burn your skin). I've used the 12" 3rd generation though and like many places say, they seem to have solved the heat issue. With graphics, hard drive and CPU going at full throttle it can get a little warm, but not really any warmer than other modern laptops and certainly not "hot".

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    I got a REV A albook and yes it does get toasty...not to bad...well in the summer with shorts on..your not going to want to have it directly on your in the winter..its kinda nice...
    Its not that your blocking the ventilation..cuase the bottom is solid metal basically...the ventilation..well on my 17 inch is powered by 2 fans which fire out the back of it where the connections use to be on the tibooks...
    Now of course when doing CPU intense opperations it will warm up more than none...i find the worse is when its charging..with all that extra heat you might be able to slowly cook an
    I wouldnt be worried about it your going to find this issue with all laptops...your lil fan pad is going to be good..but really apple has tested these and if it was a HUGE issue they wouldnt have launched the product, or would have LOTS of services about this and would probably recall them all like the ibook logic board issue

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    My 15 inch new pb gets hot hot when plugged in and recharging the battery. Or just plugged in because it's maximum performance.

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